Canada Information

A Brief History of Canada: Pre-History to Present Important Moments in Canadian History. This is a really great website to get a synopsis of important events in the history of Canada.

Canadian Study: This website is a fantastic resource for students studying all aspects of Canada including, Canadian history, Canadian geography, the Canadian people, culture and languages. Information for international students who want to study in Canada also.

Immigrating to Canada: Canadian government website explaining the process of immigrating to Canada to live, work, study or visit.

Immigrating and Working in Canada: Canadian government website explaining the programs and options available to people interested in coming to Canada to work and / or immigrate.

Canadian Immigration Points Calculator: has created a Canadian immigration point calculator, which will help you determine if you would qualify under the Canada immigration point system.

Canadian Embassies and Foreign Offices: A list of Canada’s Embassies, Consulates, High Commissions and trade offices in other countries around the world.

Canadian Atlas Online: The Royal Canadian Geographical Society proudly presents a groundbreaking Internet achievement, The Canadian Atlas Online, which brings cartography to life with exciting graphics and animation. This state-of-the-art interactive atlas allows you to explore Canada in a way you’ve never experienced before, and helps the Society to fulfill it’s mission “to make Canada better known.”

Canadian Geographic Magazine: Maps, Travel, Photographs, Geography … Explore and discover Canada – your online resource for travel, cartography, photography, geography, and educational tools about Canada.

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